Technologists often discuss ecologies – relationships between technology and people with technology – foregrounding the social impacts and future possibilities of networks. This panel flips the disciplinary coin, asking working ecologists to discuss their views on technology, and about the relationships among people and technology, society, and the future. Participants include Jake de Grazia, founder of The Carrot Project, Darren Butler, LA master gardener, landscape consultant, and presenter; Ricky Smith of Urban Green | On Spring local food caterer and USC partner; and Ronan Hallowell, New Roads School. The discussion will be moderated by IML faculty member Craig Dietrich. The talk begins at 7:00 and is free and open to students, faculty, and the general public.

About Darren Butler

C. Darren Butler is an Ecological Landscape Designer, Consulting Arborist, Greywater & Irrigation Designer, Landscape and Garden Consultant, and Teacher. He is a frequent presenter at conferences and events throughout California. From 2007 – 2009 he served on statewide Advisory and Steering Committees for all University of California Master Gardener programs. He offers an apprenticeship program and workshops, courses, and retreats to the general public on topics related to gardening, landscaping, trees, irrigation, permaculture, and sustainability. He consults, designs, speaks, and teaches throughout Southern California and beyond. See

About Jake de Grazia

Jake de Grazia is Director of Education for the iMatter Campaign. He is working with climate change activist Alec Loorz, the campaign’s 16 year-old founder, to organize a million kid march. The goal of the march – and the whole campaign – is to unite young people in support of a sustainable world culture. Jake’s background is in Chinese, microfinance, and dot com startup adventuring. He blogs about sustainability and metaphors.

About Ronan Hallowell

Ronan Hallowell, MA is an interdisciplinary scholar and educator concerned with a wide range of global change issues. He writes and speaks on topics related to media, education, philosophy, cognitive science and intercultural communication. Since 2005 he has served as a core member of the social science and history faculty at New Roads High School in Santa Monica where he teaches media literacy, ethics and honors U.S. history. His research is focused on helping society develop effective global change amelioration strategies for the benefit of all Earth’s inhabitants and the prosperity of future generations. Ronan is inspired by fourteen years of participation in and study of the Lakota Sun Dance, a tradition rooted in a love for the land (topophilia) and a respect for interdependence.

About the Symposium

The Digital Studies Symposium is designed to introduce participants to diverse scholarly media-based production. The speakers in this series are artists, programmers, scholars and designers, and their projects include cutting edge gestural interfaces, mobile media experiments, innovative websites and augmented reality pieces. The presentations will be moderated by Holly Willis, the IML’s Director of Academic Programs.

For further information, please contact the IML at 213.743.4421, or visit the symposium Web site.

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