This page is for undergraduate students who are returning to the IML. If you are a new IML undergraduate student, please click here. If you are a graduate student, please click here.


IML Portal – All IML students may use the IML portal to check out equipment and materials, browse the library, and view lab calendars. The portal is also the entry point for students to access the wiki and blog for their registered courses.

Honors Program Requirements – Students who are pursuing the Honors Program may refer here for program requirements.

Digital Studies Minor Requirements – Students who are pursuing the Digital Studies Minor may refer here for program requirements.

IML Facebook Page – check here for event and announcement updates from the IML.


Click here to see a list of IML courses. Each page includes a course description, a list of upcoming course sections and a sample syllabus.

For a complete listing of courses offered in each semester, students may also refer to the USC Schedule of Classes (Spring 2012 link here). The Schedule of Classes lists each course with the corresponding day and time, room number, instructor and sample syllabus. For specific questions regarding a course, students may contact the faculty member directly or contact Sonia Seetharaman, Academic Program Coordinator.

**Undergraduate students may also take graduate-level courses, pending advisor and faculty approval from the IML. Undergraduates may contact Sonia Seetharaman for more information.


Students who are planning to take more than one IML course should consider pursuing an IML program. The IML offers two programs to undergraduate students: the Minor in Digital Studies and the Honors in Multimedia Scholarship. Neither of these programs stands alone; they are meant to complement a student’s major discipline. Most students choose to declare a program after taking their first IML course – students may also wait longer if necessary, but it is not encouraged. Declared students will receive first priority in advising, as well as first consideration in student research opportunities.

Honors in Multimedia Scholarship: The Honors Program is a 16-unit program. After completing preparatory coursework, students create a media-rich Honors thesis project to earn the Honors designation. The subject of the Honors thesis project is chosen based on the student’s major. To learn more about the requirements for the Honors Program, click here.

Minor in Digital Studies: The Minor in Digital Studies is a 20-unit program. The Minor has no capstone or thesis requirement – students need only complete the required courses in order to obtain the Minor. To learn more about the requirements for the Minor, click here.


If you would like more information about IML courses and programs, or you have specific questions, please contact:

Sonia Seetharaman
Academic Program Coordinator
USC Institute for Multimedia Literacy
(213) 743-2198

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