“As the world move faster each day, it is necessary to communicate your message in a quick, clear and engaging way that sets it apart from the noise.”

This message, displayed on the home page of Column Five Media, is a brief declaration of their company’s purpose – to develop creative, poignant and effective strategies of communicating information, whether through infographics, data visualization or interactive experiences. Some of Column Five’s clients include GOOD Magazine, MySpace, GE, Nokia, Mint.com, PlayStation and Travelocity.

Two of Column Five’s co-founders, Jason Lankow and Ross Crooks, will come and talk about information visualization generally, and the expertise of their company in particular.

The talk begins at 7:00 in SCA 112 and is free and open to students, faculty, and the general public.

About the Symposium
The Digital Studies Symposium is both a course (IML 466) and a public forum designed to introduce participants to diverse examples of scholarly media-based projects and practices. The speakers in this series are artists, programmers, scholars and designers, and their projects include cutting edge gestural interfaces, mobile media experiments, innovative websites, games and augmented reality experiments. The presentations are moderated by Holly Willis, the IML’s Director of Academic Programs.

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