2018 IML MAP Alumni Panel

On Tuesday, February 20, the MA+P thesis classes convened an alumni panel made up of students who graduated from the Honors in Multimedia Scholarship program With the 10th anniversary of the Honors program this year,, it was fitting that several came form the very first cohort.

The following alums were present:

  • Ana Shepherd (2008)
  • Alexis Lindquist (2008)
  • Pierson Clair (2008)
  • Larissa Puro (2011)
  • Christopher Rowe (2013)
  • Allegra Tepper (2014)

They each spoke for a few moments about where life has taken them since graduation after which the floor was opened up to questions. It was so inspiring to hear them voice shared experiences even though they were in different majors and have each pursued vastly different career paths.

A bit of the wisdom and advice they gave current students:

  • Apply for jobs you aren’t necessarily qualified for.
  • It’s likely the job you do, even just a few years out from graduation, does not yet exist.
  • Frame yourself in different ways for different audiences. Have a CV (curriculum vita) in addition to a resume.
  • Cold-call (via email) to apply for jobs at places you want to work regardless of their advertised job openings (or lack thereof).
  • Document ALL of your work and your process!

Things they gained from the IML:

  • Knowledge about how to craft a story, not in the sense of either journalism or entertainment, but for any professional or personal pursuits.
  • The ability and confidence to “look under the hood” of technology so you can stay current even as software and platforms shift and change.
  • The freedom to pursue multiple areas of interest without being confined to a disciplinary

It was also decided that we must have an event soon so the various cohorts can meet, get to know each other, and rekindle friendships. More on that to come!















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