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This article was published in Academe, Jan/Feb 2013 issue.


I also created this post on the Academe blog in order to show a few screen shots and gesture to a few others’ work in this area.

Say No to Violence is a quiz-style game, developed by Take Action Games for the United Nations. It debuted just recently (February 23, 2011) and playing it can give you some idea about the various issues involved in any interactive educational endeavor.  There is a survey here; please take a few moments to add some feedback.

Once this is complete, please go to the game, Darfur is Dying, which was also developed by Take Action Games and is widely considered one of the first and most successful of social action games. Please play the game and then analyze it in terms of the premises listed on your assignment sheet which are as follows: audience, learning objectives, player identity, determinants, responses, obstacles and resources.