Technology in the Classroom (CET panel)

Below are a few slides for the Technology in the Classroom panel sponsored by the USC Center for Excellence in Teaching and organized by three CET Fellows: George Carstocea, Emma Bloomfield, David-James Gonzalez. I’m delighted to join Professors Owens and Sheehan on this panel.


Technology in the Classroom CET 2015 Virginia Kuhn from Virginia Kuhn




The Digital Scholar presentation


Data Visualization: A Few Examples of Conventional and Emergent

This is a presentation for the Karen Kensek’s class with students from the Masters in Building Science at the USC School of Architecture.

Digital Identities in a Global Media World

These are some materials for discussion in the 2014 Annenberg Graduate Fellows Microseminar convened by Aniko Imre and Virginia Kuhn.


The Digital Scholar

Archives + Alternatives: HASTAC 2014

Social Media for Research and Scholarship

On Visualization of Information

Social Media Stats for 2014

These stats, assembled by We Are Social, may not be exact, but certainly seem plausible.


MOOCs as Filmic Texts

This short piece was made for a panel at the 2013 Computers and Writing Conference. The panel was organized by Naomi Silver (of U-Mich) and included a wonderful group of colleagues: Cheryl Ball, Kristine Blair, James Purdy, Joyce Walker.